Studtor MVP Launch 1.0. Students and teachers paired up for 1v1s

I finally was able to get enough teachers and students to launch the first version Studtor. Here was my intro email!

Hey awesome friends and family!

Studtor 1.0 is underway and like I promised, I found some good teachers. Here are some topics for which I found some expert volunteers to teach:

1) Physics, astrophysics (done over hangout)
2) Squash
3) Javascript
4) LSAT or academic philosophy with an expertise in Witgenstein or epistemic philosophy (done over hangout)
5) Basketball (midtown west, indoors)
6) Tennis
7) cooking (Tina I think called this already)
Would anybody like a free 30-40 minute lesson in either of these topics? My only request is that afterwards, you fill out a questionaire that I send your way.
Expenses (squash) will be paid for.
If you have any teaching services to lend, please let me know! Write me a short description of what you would like to teach and I will match you up with a student very soon.
My friends and network were awesome… instant volunteers from my friends and network and this project is finally underway!
I’m conducting user research next week. *fingers crossed.
Written on July 17, 2014